iPad 2 worth keeping?


Aug 12, 2015
I have an old iPad 2, hardly use it... Cuz it's heavy. My mom gifted me a new iPad Air last year, I was carrying iPad Air around school the whole year... But ever since iCloud was invented.... And a lot of apps started to have cloud wireless sync, I actually found my iPad 2 is much useful than before. I use my new iPad Air to take notes all day.... Got home, put my iPad Air to charge battery, and use my old iPad 2 to review notes, watch Netflix....and fall asleep on my old iPad 2.... Next day morning, I put my old iPad 2 on charging, and bring my new iPad Air to school..... So it is very useful right now.... However, as soon as it out of sync, it will become useless to me.... But iOS 9 still compatible for iPad 2, so looks like it can still be useful for another year.... My friend offered me $145 for my old iPad 2 and 2 leather cases along with it.... I'm debating if I should sell him now or wait another year until I got useless for this old iPad 2, then try to sell it?