IPS screen laptop ~1000$ for photoshop



Hello, i need to get a new working laptop for graphic design (mainly websites, some flash etc.) The screen and graphic card are the most important parts of the laptop (i found out that IPS screens are best for design work), it also has to have good cooling, because it will be on heavy load most of the time (my old laptop got very hot).

I will use it for:
Mainly Photoshop.

Strong dedicated video card,
1920x1080 IPS mate screen, (nothing under 15 inch)
6GB RAM or more
Intel processor (prefer i7 or something from the new gen.)
It must have good cooling
A small SSD or hybrid HDD would be nice too.

Price: around 1000$, (I know its not much, but from lithuania so it will have ~20% higher price, and the 1200$ is 3 minimal monthly wages)