Is a Sennheiser hd598 good?

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May 14, 2014
After i bought the TERRIBLE Beats By Dre (I was younger then and didnt really understand really good headphones) with the crappy sound and etc. I came accross the HD598, which looks GORGEOUS. I use my headphones to game and listen music like dubstep and rock. I heard some pretty nice reviews, if u want to recommend me another one, my budget is 220 euros which is 300 USD.
I wont use it for any mobile devices just my computer.



Jun 30, 2012
I was going to comment on the other thread but it was deleted oh well, anyway long answer short, the sennheiser is for audiophiles and not for gamers, it lacks what a gamer wants.. but for listening to music these are beasts.

edit; for what you want get the A50's they sound great and offer a reasonably good mic. the Sennheiser doesn't have a mic


Jan 20, 2012
I have never used these specific headphones but I've just like to chip in and say that I've never come across a pair of Sennheisers that were poor or disappointing at any price range.


actually.... quite a few audiophiles prefer using the hd598 for gaming.

while its not "surround sound" (either multiple drivers or virtual) it does have a wide soundstage (since its an open design) which means that it sounds a bit more 3d than closed cans will.

sennheisers in general are not known for really powerfull bass. they have enough for gaming and listening but might not satisfy people who crave really powerful bass.

see for yourself what some audiophiles are saying about using them for gaming

some other headphones with a wide soundstage but not super bass are the audiotechnica ad700 and ad900 which are also well respected for the soundstage.


i'm a big fan of electronica and i listen to dubstep all the time.

if you want headphones which have more of a low end...

audiotechnica ath-m50s
these can be had for fairly cheap and sound great. they have great sound and decent bass output. however, they are closed cans and are not known for a good soundstage. while i've used them for gaming from time to time you might want something of an open design. as you may have guessed, yes i personally own this pair of headphones and have for years.

beyerdynamic dt770 pro
a competitor to the m50s. it comes in 3 versions (32/80/250ohm). generally good sound. the 250 is the best but requires an amp. since its a closed design it might not be well suited for gaming however it does have a decent soundstage considering that its of closed design.

beyerdynamic dt880 pro
this is a semi open design so has a wider soundstage (although not as good as the hd598 which is well known for a great soundstage). they will hit harder though and are well respected for their sound quality. this is not a cheap option though and you might need an amp.

akg k701
while not great bass its sufficient and its an open back design which means its going to have a decent soundstage (but nothing like the hd598 or ad700/900). overall it gets high marks for sound.

you can hear the difference between the headphones here. keep in mind that this is just showing the differences.. and since its played over your speakers is not a 100% accurate representation.


Jul 23, 2014
I have the HD598. Like ssddx said, they are not base heavy. But if you listen to them you will surely fall in love with them. I am using them for over a year now mostly for music. For general gaming they are good. I have not tried them in FPS games, so not sure how they will perform. If I get a chance this week I will try them with an FPS game and give you an update.
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