is Asus laptop upgradable? Asus Q200E-BSI3T08


Feb 22, 2014

Yo Hatchepsut, great questions about the Q200E!

The SSD upgrade is easily doable, as well as a wifi card upgrade. :) Sadly the RAM and CPU are not upgradeable :-(

I did the upgrades a while back and put together a step-by-step guide with photos of the process, here's an example photo of the SSD installed:

(click here for the full size photos)

The process is fairly straightforward and a SSD makes a HUGE difference IMHO. I went with a Samsung 840 but if I was doing it today I would go with the new EVO. The wifi upgrade can also be nice if you want widi , bluetooth or just faster speeds and I did it just to max everything out myself.

Hope this helps!!! :bounce: