Question Is it a good idea to get Visible to replace Comcast wifi in my home, to use only for streaming Netflix, etc. ?

Jul 8, 2019
I pay $114/month for Comcast wifi right now. I'm also on my family's Verizon plan for talk, text, etc. I would add a $10/month jetpack to my computer, so would have two wifi networks (one for streaming and one for web browsing) to maximize the speed of Visible. I don't talk and text enough at night to max out our family plan's data cap. Even with the upfront cost of an unlocked phone, this seems like it would it be cheaper than Comcast. Am I right? Looking for thoughts and opinions! Thank you!


Talk and txt uses pretty much 0 data, only time is when you send pictures through text.

Comcast WiFi are you talking about their internet service? Seems very high for just internet unless you are on a very high tier package.

Their highest tier internet looks to be $80 with intro pricing, you may want to call them and check on what price break they can get you, or drop down a tier or two. Their second highest is 150mb/sec plenty fast enough for streaming.

If you should switch, you need to compare costs and data you will be using.