Is it really free t.v with the firestick

Jan 2, 2019
I've been debating cable versus fire stick t.v. for the last 24 hours. And with the little research I've done,, I've come to the conclusion that the use of the firestick doesn't get you free t.v. you still have to pay for the internet and the sucription of the streaming of the shows and movies .just maybe not as much.also if the fire stick stop working you're stuck with it cause you own it. I really don't see a whole lot of advantage using the firestick instead of cable. All you have to do is stay on cable's promotions.


You are correct, you don't get free tv channels. You need to already have an internet connection in order to do ANYTHING at all on a firestick or Smart tv that has to do with outside programming, AND without a subscription to Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu or one of the other many content providers there is practically no programming you can watch for free through those types of devices.

If you are only interested in local channels, and who only wants those, you can of course watch local channels using just a digital converter box with an antenna (For older systems) or just an antenna (For newer televisions that already have the converter built in).

You do not need cable or anything else for just watching local channels so long as you have an antenna of some kind and a digital converter. For anything else, you will need to pay for something whether it is cable, satellite or an online content provider.


Nov 6, 2018

So, from an avid fire stick user to another... You have to keep up with updates and different types of tools that are used for television on the fire stick. I've had a bunch of different programs for movies, tv shows, et cetra. However, when I tried following tutorials on YouTube for LIVE TV...Some channels do work, but the minute this stuff is posted up and exposed, they are no longer in service. So just some food for thought. Keep up on YT and follow through to see what apps are hot. I had HBO working for a few days then that was eradicated from the fire stick app I was using.




Of-course you need an internet connection for the Firestick, same for any other streaming device. Where did you see anything about "free TV" from it? Only free TV is if you use an antenna. There are hacked devices that are loaded with illegal content though, maybe you heard about those. Those use some shady sites to stream TV and movies, but that is not really legal to do.

Considering a Firestick is maybe $40, replacing it because you own it is not that big of a deal.

Just getting internet service vs a full cable package is cheaper. But like anything else anyone ever does, what is better for you may not be what is better for others. We have use cable TV as well as Amazon Prime, Hulu and Netflix for streaming. And use both a Smart TV and a Firestick on another TV in the bedroom which is not a smart TV so needs it to use streaming apps. Having a cable TV subscription also allows me to use things like History Channel, HBO Go and ESPN online streaming, things that want you to logon to your TV service provider to get access to full content.


It's worth noting as well that if you have something that SAYS it offers local channels as well, like Amazon Prime, it ONLY gives you those local channels, or ANY content that ISN'T actually Prime content, IF you also have a subscription to something that offers those channels, like a cable or satellite subscription. That goes for the other channels that come with your cable/satellite subscription as well like AMC, History channel, Hallmark channel, Sci-FI channel, etc.
I don't know where you read firestick can replace TV, probably from some biased stick user.

Depends what you want watching, what u willing to give up.

And yeah, all the cord-cutting talks ASSUMES you already have Internet (isn't Internet these days like water or electricity?). If you are starting from zero, you are not the audience the cord cutters are talking to.


Firestick can absolutely replace having a cable or satellite subscription, IF you don't care about the majority (Or all) of the cable network channels, HAVE a digital converter for local channels and DO have a Netflix, Prime, Hulu or other content provider service PLUS an internet connection (Most would have that anyway) and mainly only want to watch original content or movies. Otherwise, not so much, AND adding internet plus service provider accounts for things like Amazon Prime or Netflix can end up being more expensive if you want a very diverse amount of programming.

If you want things like NFL network or other sports packages, it can get even more expensive.
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