Is the iPhone 5S worth it?


Feb 12, 2013
Hey guys,

So I'm using a Samsung Omnia W (U.S name Focus Flash) - and its pretty ancient (Windows Phone 7). So it's time to upgrade, and I want to get either an iPhone 5S, a Lumia 1020, or a Nexus 5. I'd love to stick with Windows Phone so the 1020 is my first choice, but people keep telling me how great the iPhone is, but the thing is it's seriously expensive here. $900! The Nexus and 1020 are more reasonable - $500 and $700 respectively. So is the iPhone worth it? Open minded question here. Thanks :D


Jun 25, 2012
The iPhone 5S is a pretty awesome phone, of course I don't own one myself I have an iPhone 5 but the CPU processing is around 40% faster on the 5S from the 5. Around 70% faster for gaming. Video capturing and photos are better. Just from the specs like that and speed I use my phone, its pretty dang good. Though I will mention that soon next year, Apple is going to release a larger display phone and possibly curved so if you want bigger, wait for that.

P.S. - The software now after iOS 7 has brought a lot of exclusive things that other manufacturer phone types like android do already is brought to the iPhones which is a huge major update.