Is the Sony Ps3/ps4 headset real 7.1 surround sound? and whats the best suggestion under usd100 for real 7.1 headset?


Oct 22, 2013
well my ps3 sony stereo headset is nearly broke...
and i need a new headset which is under usd 100
is there any real 7.1 surround sound headset within the price range?
and is the Logitech G430 a real 7.1? coz it works pretty good for me.....
and is the Sony Stereo Headset / Sony Pulse headset real 7.1?
coz i been using for years in COD mw3 and i think i can hear front and back sound....
but according to some IT people they said only real 7.1 can do that... the usb powered 7.1 only boost sound and left right accurate... they cant do front back....
then i asks a shop in my country... they said the sony one isnt the real 7.1...
need help ... is it real 7.1 or not?
Link :

There is no such thing a "real 7.1" for headphones. 100% of headphones are actually 2 channel (even with multiple drivers). Almost all games support headphone mixing, which either estimates and feed-forwards latency and loudness equivalent to multiple speakers, or even applies high quality binaureal transfer functions that estimate the way your head blocks sound to get very close to real conditions.

Basically, don't bother with 7.1 and just stick to getting the best headphones you can for the price even if they are standard 3.5mm.

If you actually care about good quality, avoid "7.1" sets. You'll have a much easier time hearing footsteps with an ATH-AD500x than any of those!