Solved! Is there a coaxial splitter that will split a tv antenna and hdmi signal without distortion?

Apr 14, 2019
I have an old tube tv. Big, black weighs about 60 pounds. Works fine still. The only connection on the back of the tv is a single coaxial. Bought an antenna so I can get all the local channels. Works great. Want to hook up a blu-ray dvd player to be able to watch Netflix and play dvds. Have a hdmi converter so the input from the dvd player is hdmi and output is coaxial to tv. Works fine with that one connection. When I attach a coaxial splitter to hook up the antenna and the hdmi, the tv starts to get fuzzy. Is there a splitter that can allow both the antenna and the hdmi hook ups without loosing the clarity of the picture?


Coaxial splitters not only split the signal, but they lower the signal strength of the signal itself. There are some amplified coaxial splitters, but I honestly don't know if they will help.

Something like this "may" help:

Honestly, it might just be time to upgrade your TV to a modern HDTV. The picture quality change would be FAR superior to the old tube-type experience.