Is there an app for android phones that blocks outgoing calls

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Oct 6, 2011
I have several numbers that I would like to block from being called from my Droid 3. I did contact Verizon about this and tried to take advantage of the Usage Control option they have, but was informed that because I have a data package I was unable to use the Usage Control. I have blocked what numbers I could from calling in but unfortunatly I need to block more than 5 and that is all I am allowed. I have found apps that will block incoming numbers but am having a hard time finding one that will block outgoing calls. Please help


Mar 24, 2009
Why not just not call them?
Most apps you will find will block incoming calls, because outgoing calls require you to actually dial the number yourself...


Oct 6, 2011
A possibility is that he drunk dials his ex-girlfriends. or maybe his daughter steals his phone to chat with friends and racks up minutes?

In the end, it doesn't really matter why, only if we know of such a thing.

Off hand, for the record, I don't know of one.


Aug 1, 2008

Why not just put a lock on the phone itself? With the droid, you can either set up a numerical or pattern lock on the phone if you're trying to stop someone else from using your phone.

Otherwise, here is apparently a list of apps that supposedly do what you are looking for. It was pretty easy to find via google:

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