Is there such a device, hardware or software, that can shut my son's computer off entirely after I set a time limit?


Dec 7, 2015
All the router options I read about as well as software options all talk about "internet" use. My son almost never goes on the internet. He plays a game that he downloaded from the internet but is now just an icon on his PC. I want a device, router, or software program, basically anything that can shut his computer off entirely at 9pm. I don't want him to be able to use the computer AT ALL after 9pm on school nights. And I need it to shut off only his PC and not mine. We both have Windows 10. Please is there anything out there?
I can think of two devices - your roller pin (or broom handle), and his pants' belt. Your wallet (and his allowance) is very powerful device as well.

Now seriously - as long as your son has physical access to the computer, he can do whatever he wants. You will kill his computer, he will take out his phone.

You should take away administrative rights over his computer, and set up his account with limited privileges, even child account. Connect the computer with Ethernet, and just unplug the cable from the router' end.


Feb 8, 2014
You could set an event in windows that would start the shut down process at 9pm every night but I dunno about how to keep him from turning it back on when it shuts down.


Jan 11, 2016

I think it is horrible to use a program on the computer, it made me angry every time "timeslot"(its a dutch program i think) locked the pc after i played for 2 hours. After me and my dad had good talk we came to the agreement with he just telling me to stop, go to bed or read a book. And I would often listen. If I didn't listen I got punished and for example the pc was locked with another password. I learned quick.


Jun 13, 2015
OR if you have a smartphone download a remote pc app and set mit up on his pc and your phone and turn it off at 9 aand put a password on at 9 ( 9:30 at least ) i think giving him the extra 30 min will make him feel a little better about getting off too.