Solved! Is this at all possible? (Galaxy S8 + Tablet Screen)

Sep 29, 2019
Just curious, I'm guessing it's not possible but I have a Samsung Galaxy S8+ and an old android tablet.

The tablet runs very slow and the S8+ has a broken screen. I dont use the phone anymore so I was thinking of some fun diy projects I might be able to do with it.

Is it at all possible to use the S8+ Components and connect them to the tablet screen to make my own tablet out of the two devices?

Looks like the connectors are different from research ive done but I havent found any definitive answers. Is there any sort of way to do something like this?
Is it possible, well, yes. Is it realistically doable without an engineering bench setup and knowledge of the video chips and connections in both devices along with maybe some coding to fix issues, no.