Is this laptop good for programming ? (help pls)


Nov 28, 2012
hp laptops arent the best just for what you explained. but depending on how much code you are going to be compiling it really shouldnt tax the cpu that much . gaming is the thing to stay away from on hps. really anything that uses the graphics and cpu at the same time is a no for hp. i had 2 hp pavillions one with that same processor in it and both got ripping hot even after replacing the thermal compound.

if you go this route invest in a nice cooling pad, im not sure how this compared to my dv6-dv7

Azn Cracker

Jul 28, 2009
Well it seems like you don't have much experience in coding so you probably won't compile much lines. This should be fine until you go in depth. Honestly programming is better on a desktop
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