Is this laptop good for streaming/playing games ?

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Mar 3, 2015
As stated weak CPU and integrated graphics only so no you wont be playing anything let alone stream. For a decent gaming/streaming PC your looking at probably 599(if you are very lucky and find a sale)-899 USD.
Oct 15, 2017
When it comes to games, computers like that are only good for games like Plants vs Zombies. Don't do it to yourself.

As asked, what's your spending limit? Does it have to be a laptop, because gaming on a laptop is inherently more expensive than on a desktop, not to mention you can't do much to upgrade a laptop.

I reference the above laptop to make a point. That Dell is the cheapest gaming laptop on the website you linked. The very next laptop jumps in price to a $950 Asus (only spec difference is 4gb more RAM), and that's an open box sale.

What I learned researching your question is:
1) Don't look for a gaming laptop on that website. Too much money, too few options. Newegg gives you more choices to compare.

2) I don't play Fortnite, but my son does. Your hardware will greatly affect how good you can be in the game. My son's kill count immediately went up after he went from my old (good) laptop to a new desktop with a Ryzen 5 and a GTX1060. He didn't suddenly become skilled. The stronger hardware elevated his game over (most) console and budget laptop players.

Tell us how much you can spend. And know that streaming along with playing modern games will require some power. Oh, and would you be willing to go the desktop route if it could get you better hardware for the same money.

Jan 15, 2019

Hello, thank you for your answer, my spending limit was initially 400 canadian dollars but I can rise it to 750 $ maximum

I really wanted it to be a laptop, but given a lot of people's advice I'll say that it doesn't matter anymore if it's a desktop, I really just want to be frugal about it, and all I want is to play games like fortnite on average at least and stream videogames in 360 minimum

If you could find me the cheapest desktop computer that can do both of these requierements, you will make me a very happy man

And yes I am aware that the better your PC the better your performance, can,t really compete on a bad PC with a bad connection for example

Oct 15, 2017
If you can put it together yourself, and get some advice on choice of video card to finish it off.

This next one a pretty good start, you could buy a better video card in the future if you choose. But I hate the look of it. White case, black keyboard with red highlight, and black mouse with yellow highlight not working for my eyes.

You can also find your own, but I would recommend a system with at least a Ryzen 5 or Intel i5.
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