Feb 15, 2016
Hi, I'd like to ask you for your help.


I have a problem with "usb micro-b female" inside the speaker Jabra Solemate.
I think it's disconnected from the motherboard, but you can read whole story below.

This is everything I have in the package, with speaker: Image of the Package
(usb charger, wall charger, 3.5 mm audio cable)


As I was listening to the music (speaker connected to the laptop via usb cable), while having my laptop on the wall shelf, accidentally the speaker fell down (to the kitchen board).

Now, there was some "crack sound" and once I pulled out the usb cable, I could hear that (probably as I'm not any audio technician) usb micro-b female part was removed from the motherboard. You can always hear something is inside the speaker while shaking with it.


I can't charge the speaker. There are two options how to do it: connect via usb - micro usb to the laptop or connect via micro usb to the wall (electricity).

Listening to music is possible via 3.5 audio cable or bluetooth.


Is it possible to fix, "glue back" the usb micro-b female part to the motherboard?
Is the any other way to charge the speaker?
(I suppose charging via 3.5 audio jack is still impossible in this world)

Whoever could help me anyhow, I'll be very very thankful.

Thanks for reading!