JBL LSR305 with Nano Patch + volume knob works weird

Jul 23, 2018
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I recently got my JBLs and the audio controller with it, but i noticed that after connecting the speakers today, that the volume knob acts really weird.

So currently, i have the volume at the lowest possible on the knob, yet it is really loud, as if i had it at -40 db or something. Now when i turn the volume up (on the nano patch +) it gets louder and louder (as it should) UNTIL around -20db where it is its loudest. When i keep turning the knob it just does nothing.

So basically it feels like someone turned the volume knob with force and the whole scale moved when he reached the limit or something. I also took off the plastic cover of the knob and repositioned it but that doesnt chance anything.

I hope that someone recognizes this problem and can help me out. Would really appreciate it.
Thanks in advance!