Just bought a random HDMI cabel and i started to worry


Oct 23, 2015
As title says i bought an HDMI cable for the connection between my laptop and television. For now there is no problem at all but i am worried if it can somehow break my laptop or television even if i don't do any mistakes or something unordinary. İ am asking this because i bought this cable from an acquaintance person to me and he said " This cable is a bad quality cable". So now i am questioning if i should change it or not. This simply that i am worried about if it can break or damage my laptop or tv, not if i can get a better visual performance by just changing a cable. Please note that i am planning to use this setup for years not just days or time to time
I use generic cables all the time, not much can happen. Just be careful when you plug it in that you don't shove it in sideways and cause a spark or a short, that can kill the motherboard or video chip.