Jvc gr-60 question. Help please.


Jul 12, 2013
I got a jvc gr-60 from a garage sale and I turned it on and I watched the "how to make a video letter". And there was no sound or color. Is it supposed to be that way or can I have it be in color and have sound? I also cannot review the video I just recorded?
Are you sure it was recorded with sound and in color? Is that camera Compact-VHS or MiniDV? All the pictures I could find indicate it is a Compact-VHS camcorder. Finding a user manual is challenging. Playback controls should either be on the side or back of the camera and from what few pictures I could find it appears as though it would be on the back of the camera. The playback controls would be similar to those on a VCR (rewind, fast forward, play, pause).
Are you trying to play the video on the camcorder or though a TV? Everything plugged in properly? If going though a TV, the cables coul be bad, the connections on the camcorder could be bad or you could just have it plugged in wrong. Usually if there is image but no color info, there is a bad connection somewhere as in S-Video and Composite connections the color info is carried on a different cable than the image. The VHS tapes used are unreliable also since they use a small tape with a converter. There are often issues with both of those things. You are better off getting a newer camcorder that's digital or at least uses a DV tape.