Question Keyboard lag on MSI laptop

Mar 8, 2019
Hi all,

I have a recurring problem with my GS60 MSI Laptop.

When I start games, randomly my keyboard will get a 2 or 3 seconds lag that only goes away when I log off from windows or restart. I've updated the bios and every driver there is on my laptop but I keep getting the problem with certain games.

I know it's a bit vague but I don't really know where else to ask...

Thanks for your help and patience.

If this only happens with games, and nothing else, then the issue is likely with the game and its settings. You may want to check their sites for any updates or known issues.

You can also try uninstalling your keyboard driver, reboot (turn off and back on) the computer, without reinstalling the keyboard, and it should install it on its own when it turns back on. This may also resolve the problem.
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