Solved! Keyboard repeatedly typing.

Dec 30, 2020
Hi, so I've been using this laptop (ACER Aspire E 11) since 2014. The previous issue for this laptop is on its 'arrow up' and 'left-shift' keys. It just keeps on pressing and I have to type/click it so it would stop. Recently, whenever I type any letter or other keys it would just keep on typing until I click/type the 'left-shift' key.

A little bit of background: I recently cleaned (first after 6 years of using) the laptop by opening the back and there were a lot of ants.
I'd start with replacing the keyboard, they are pretty cheap. Although for that low end system you may want to look into replacing it. $20 for a keyboard, or about $100 for a much better laptop like a Lenovo T420.