Kitchen Speaker Options


Jul 16, 2015
We are wrapping up a home renovation and I had a question about installing a speaker in the kitchen. It is an open floor plan from the kitchen to the family room where the receiver is, so I planned to put only one stereo in-ceiling speaker in the kitchen, then run two speaker wires to the receiver for the two stereo channels. Unfortunately, my contractor only put one speaker wire in the wall/ceiling, and everything got sealed up. I am picking my battles with other things needing to be completed, so I just wanted to see what options I had for a single channel in-ceiling speaker. Or, is there any chance of splicing/splitting the wire (it's 12 AWG)? Thanks.


I don't think there is any way to split it. Did you take photos while the wiring was visible? How tightly did they staple the wire? Can you use the single wire as a "pull string" ? Number 12 is pretty large gauge for speaker wire. You might be able to get two smaller gauge wires through.