Kudos to Samsung


Dec 31, 2007
A couple years ago the Samsung 850 Pro SSD in my pc died. About two weeks ago I realised it had a 5 year limited warranty. I guess I need to read the instructions, eh? Any way, I contacted Samsung and they told me to contact their support service. I did and the told me to send it to them, on THEIR ticket. Today I got a replacement 860 EVO SSD. No questions, no fuss, no charge. Talk about standing behind their products! Most US companies would just say tough noogies and make you buy a new piece (hear that HP?). A tip of the hat and a pat on the back to Samsung.


Was it still in the 5 year timespan?

I had a result from Sandisk like that.
960GB SSD died suddenly. It was 33 days past the 3 year warranty.
I knew it, they knew it...they gave me a new one anyway. Newer better model, shipping on their dime.