Laptop Battery Icon Shows 0% (Not Charging); Laptop stayed on during power outage


May 19, 2014

I have a question. My parents have a Toshiba Satellite s55-s5377 laptop. For the longest time, the laptop has been showing no battery (0%; not charging). See below:

Today at 16:10 the power went out for around 20 minutes. My dad was on the laptop at the time and it didn't shut down when power was lost. Does this mean the computer is wrong when it says that the battery needs to be replaced? If it was totally dead, why was it still working during the outage? This is a non-removable battery so how do I figure this out? This is very confusing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. :)
When the battery is worn, the reading is not to be trusted. 5+ year old? it needs a new battery.

Anything is removable, it just not USER REMOVABLE, but if you are not afraid of small tools, small cables, own a soldering iron, u can do it.


May 19, 2014
The computer (and mine) were purchased in 2014. Batteries are supposed to last longer than that. I'll discuss everything with my parents. Thank goodness we have a computer store 5 minutes away. They are the nicest people. :)


May 19, 2014
Also, the smaller adapters would only be used while on trips/vacations. Like I mentioned, the normal adapters are big and clunky. Not good for travelling.
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