Laptop Battery Indicator Issues


Oct 17, 2013
I have a HP G61 laptop running windows 7. About 4 months ago I started having issues with the battery indicator not displaying the correct remaining percentage. Sometimes it will say something like 52% remaining and a few minutes later saying 95% remaining. When this issue happens most of the time the battery wont charge right either, for example it once was at 20% remaining but my computer shut down on me. So I plugged it in and within 30 minutes it stopped charging like it was full. So I turned it on and it said 100% for a few minutes until it dropped to 35%. So my question is what is going on because sometimes everything works just fine like a normal laptop then next time I have this issue with the indicator and charging. Please help


I'm going to guess that it's not under warranty - if it is - HP should handle it. Look for a bios update for your model (G61-XXX) that may address battery issues.

Try a 3rd party program that will show you more detail about the battery life/charge cycles. I have seen this discussed on the forum before, but cannot recall what programs were recommended. A search of the forum/google should yield some results. I'd try that first.

If your not under warranty, it very well could be the battery itself (or the controller board inside battery). You can get good aftermarket replacement 3-year warrantied batteries on eBay for less than $25.