Laptop battery plugged in ,charging but still stop at 0 prcent


May 2, 2016
My dell inspiron 3420 battery suddenly stopped working ,the day before it give me more then 4 hours backup.
The message i get from power icon is "plugged in charging".
I tried another battery and another charger too but did not work.
i tried uninstalling battery from device manager and then installing it..
Even when my laptop is off still battery does not charge up.
If someone can give me detail of voltages at laptop battery terminals, and also at the power jack connector to the logic board.

Please do test the AC adapter if it's working or not.
- Remove the battery off the laptop then connect just the AC adapter then boot it up.
- If the laptop will boot up with just the AC adapter that means it's just the battery that is faulty.
- But since you've already tried a different battery that could mean it's the battery terminal.
- Another test would be to try a different AC adapter that has the same voltage without the battery again.
- If it will not work that could mean it's the charging port that is faulty.


May 2, 2016
I tested all these tips,
Could u tell me voltages information at every pin of charging port.
But i dont think that would be the problem bcz i checked it without ac charger plugged in, and the circuit is fine, it discharges the battery while runing smoothly, now i assume either charging battery have different pins then discharging the battery in charging port, or some sort of problem in bios.
But i already have the latest bios, neither i am allowed to reinstall it, and nor try to opt for the older one.
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