Laptop battery saving idea. (Not a question - so its a bit of topic)


Feb 25, 2015

Saving laptop-battery capacity over time is for the user hard. I don't know anyone who disconnects the battery when using the powercable. And then the battery deteriates. The capacity of 100% will be only a couple of minutes in the end.

Here is a idea from a "layman", with english as a second language. The idea might be already tested or not – I don't know. But here it comes anyway, into the public domain.

What about having two batteries in the laptops. One smaller, whos only purpouse is to check if powercable is in and if the bigger one is fully (or enough charged).
Software needs to be written as well to check your "routines". That is, if powercable is in during night and not at all during day – the program will realize its time to charge the battery, even if its at 75%
But if powercable is in almost all the time, a charge will not be automatically commenced – you will have to "start the changing" through the software. Only at <10% will the larger battery auto-charge.

This way the bigger battery will remain "untouched". Another version is that it's not untouched – but its "used" sometimes, even if powercable is in. Again because the software "knows" the powercable will be in for several more hours and it will have the time to decharge and recharge the battery.

This might be something to try out.

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Someone Somewhere


So much misinformation about Li-ion batteries. Keeping them charged does not make a significant difference to their life. That's mainly a matter of heat, cycles, and age.

Your solution would likely have a significant negative impact.

Also, people aren't that predictable.


A lot of laptops already have batteries, BIOS and power management software that talks to the battery and will charge it or not depending on your settings. For example for maximum battery life or maximum laptop usage or just always charge to full.

This is from my Lenovo W520 model power manager help file:

This section describes the settings available in Advanced mode.

If you primarily use your computer with the AC adapter attached and only infrequently use battery power, battery deterioration may occur faster if the battery is constantly charged at 100%. Lowering the charge thresholds for your battery, periodically resetting the battery gauge, using Maximum Lifespan mode, or using Battery Health Mode will help increase its lifespan.

To change the battery charge mode, click the Battery Maintenance... button on the Battery Information tab. On the Lenovo computer with replaceable battery, there are three options listed below the Charge mode section. By default, Automatically optimize for battery lifespan is selected. This option sets the battery charge mode automatically by monitoring battery usage. Initial mode is Maximum Runtime mode and this option charges with full charge voltage. When the battery charge mode is set Maximum Lifespan mode, it helps to increase battery lifespan by reducing charging capacity. When Maximum Lifespan mode is set, Power Manager’s battery gauge displayed on taskbar is shown with green outline. Always fully charge (Start when below 96%; stop at 100%) uses Maximum Runtime mode. This mode starts charging when the remaining capacity of the battery is below 96% and stops charging at 100%. Note, this setting may not help to increase battery lifespan. You can also create your own stop and start thresholds by selecting Custom charge threshold and entering your preferred values.

On the Lenovo computer with embedded battery, there are also three options listed below the Charge mode selection. By default, Always fully charge (Start when below 96%; stop at 100%) is selected. If battery stays at or near full charge, it is recommended you select Optimize for battery health to set Battery Health Mode. Battery Health Mode immediately discharge your battery to 50% and set to stop charging at 50% and start charging at 46%. You can also create your own stop and start thresholds by selecting Custom charge threshold and entering your preferred values.


The stop charge threshold must be at least 4% above the start threshold.

If you don't see the above options, please refer to Changing Battery Charge Thresholds.

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