laptop CD drive makes rattling/ sticking/clicking noise while in use


Dec 2, 2015
I have an ASUS ROG gaming laptop. I don't know the model number, but it's a G series with these notable specs and features you could use to identify it:

NVidia GeForce 870M (3GB)
Intel i7-4710HQ
48x CD/DVD Drive
17.3" form factor
dual rear fans
4x USB
16GB DDR3, expandable up to 32GB
Windows 8.1 (I have since upgraded to 10, but this is the version that came with the laptop)
It's wall adapter outputs 550W.

Anyhow, I carry it around in my backpack a lot. It barely fits in there, so I know it's not being shaken or anything like that. Today, when I took it home and turned it on, I heard a rattling noise. I thought it was the hard drive at first, so fearing for the worst, I took the battery out immediately.

I decided to risk it a few minutes later and turn it on. I noticed immediately that the noise resembling trying to force rubber over metal, stopping and starting quickly, corresponded with the 'active' light on the DVD/CD drive. I ejected the drive and removed the disc that was present (an old, I believe 2003-ish 3D Minigolf game). After ejecting the disc, the drive continued to make the noise, but I let it start up and I logged in. As soon as I got to my desktop, it went quiet again. It made the noise briefly upon ejecting/inserting it with no disc, and with a disc it made the noise still, but this time quieter. It's much quieter now, and the drive still works, but the noise isn't gone. What do you advise I do?
I'm selling this laptop very soon, so it has to be in good condition, and replacement isn't an option since my warranty expired 2 weeks ago.

Actually the only way around that problem is a replacement DVD drive since it's mechanical failure already. But just to make sure that it's the DVD drive, take it off from the laptop and see if you'll still get that noise coming out from your laptop. :(
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