Laptop charger works after beeing plugged in and out multiple times


Sep 8, 2014
Hey guys,
Im comming to you with a rather stange problem (atleast so i think), my laptops (an old Msi gaming crap thing not importain) charger is acting up. when it has started charging it works fine for months, or untill i unplugg it, but when i then plugg it back inn i need to take the electical plugg (the one that goes into the wall not the computer) and plugg that in and out arround 50 times before the computer starts charging.
At first i was thinking that this probably just were caused by a bad connection, but when i realised that i have to take the actuall eletrical plugg inn and out and not the part that goes into the laptop i started wondering.
its the same story everytime i take my laptop somewhere and want to charge it.
would love some imputs on this anoying problem.


Jan 24, 2015
Is the charger hot at all during this process, but then just 'warm' after it starts working?
If so, that's an over Voltage/Amperage/Wattage issue, and you'd need a more powerful charger.

Did you try different outlets?
If you only tried on one you may just have a bipolar outlet.

Is the connector between the wall to the plug and the plug to the adapter fully plugged in? ...or does that cable even work at all? I've needed to replace that cable for my chargers in the past.

Is the connector that comes out of the charger and connects to the PC intact? I've had a laptop charger spark and ignite at that area, and if the connection there isn't stable it could give you those problems.

If not those, you could have a blown capacitor or fuse or something else inside the charger.


Sep 8, 2014
sounds like is must be the last thing, because i it dosent heat up at all, ive tried different outlets, and switched cables i have basicly tried everything but nothing works exept plugging it in and out continusly for about 10 min.
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