Laptop crashed: game screen faded and turned white with vertical little stripes.


Sep 14, 2017
My new laptop was put to the test today, only to crash after only gaming one hour on it.

I had hardware monitor open when gaming to see the temperatures, and they were reasonable.
The GPU performed 65 degrees Celsius under load, but this is to be expected from a laptop.

Previously, the laptop would randomly freeze, this was corrected by adjusting the power settings. Windows turned my SSD off after five minutes, thinking it was a HDD. After this fix, it did not happen again.

However, today's crash was different. The whole screen started to flicker, and made all kind of static white noises. The sound coming from the laptop was deadly. almost as if the motherboard from screaming for help. The fans started to spin rapidly, and the laptop just idled on the white screen with stripes. It did not fix itself and required a manual kernel boot. After looking in the event viewer, the laptop only tells me about the force reboot, nothing about the crash. This makes me believe that it is not Windows fault, but something hardware-related?

Video of the crash:

I did not think of recording the video, my sister was really startled by the sound the laptop made suddenly, and started recording so I can show it to Asus, the retailer and forums.

My specs:
- Intel i7-7700HQ
- GTX 1050 4GB
- 2 x 8GB of RAM
- Windows 10 home edition

My laptop only had open hardware monitor, steam, chrome and trend micro maximum protection installed.

The crash happened during a game of Dead by Daylight on low settings. The game was running 60FPS and a few minutes before the crash, some frame drops were noticeable. However, a GTX 1050 should be able to run the game properly. If it is a video card issue, then the laptop will have to be RMA'd to ASUS. I don't know if they will give me a new one. My experience with manufacturers are always that they just reinstall windows and hope for the best.

Anyone has an idea?
If this is a new laptop, you need to take it back and get them to replace it. And, if it is past the return date, then contact the manufacturer. It should not do that.