laptop does not power backlight after DC jack replacement


Aug 13, 2017
Hello all,
I replaced the power jack of my ASUS UX31A ultrabook but I probably did a bad job. It charges the battery but backlight does not power on. I am sure it is backlight because I still can see windows login screen if I put a strong light on it. Also I tried it with 2 other working screens and got the same results. When I connect my laptop to another screen (using minidisplay port), there is no problem.
I have not tried replacing the DC jack again but is it possible that I made a shortcut in the jack and this is the cause? Even if I run the laptop only on battery, the backlight does not turn off. Any help/thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: I also read that it might be related to touchpad. I messed up with my touchpad and it is not working now. Could this be really the problem?