Laptop for programming and video edit?


Dec 12, 2016
Hello all,

I am about to buy a new laptop, and i have a really hard time figuring out which one to get.

The main needs for it:
Primary role - Programming / web development
Secondary role - Video editting

I was hoping to get something around 700 - 1100 dollars but i am also willing to spend a little more to get the perfect machine.

I need a laptop that "feels" premium and has a high build quality. None of that wobbly-plastic that breaks after 3 months usage.

What i also like is something new and innovative. I like to try out new products that tries to be something more, so i get a new experience and not a plain old laptop. This is not a requirement, but it could be something nice to have,

I have tried the Surface pro 4, but the keyboard wasn't that great for long hours of programming, but the main drawback was that i couldn't use it in the couch because it couldn't stand on my lap properly.

i have considered getting ASUS ZenBook Flip UX360CA

The main reasons is that i think the flip-cover is pretty cool, and would work great for flipping it over and using it in the couch to surf the web and read PDF's. My main concern, however, is that it only comes with the Intel Core M3. I think it would be okay for programming, but might not be good enough for video editing.

My video editing needs are secondary, but they are still there. I would use it to edit some gameplay video footage for my youtube channel, but it is a hobby project and nothing professional. So i wouldn't mind the experience being a little slower than when i edit on my desktop PC.

And just to get this out of the way - Dell is a no-go. I simply won't go there. Don't ask me why, but i just won't :p

I hope you are able to help me decide on a new laptop for my usages. A good battery life is also a requirement, for what else should i use a laptop for if not using it un-hooked :)

Thanks everyone.

Greetings, Maria:

With all respect, your requirements are somewhat contradictory; on the one hand you'd like something "that 'feels' premium and has a high build quality" (= increased weight), but you also want to use it "in the couch". And it should also be "new and innovative" (= high price). At around $1,000.

In my opinion, you're looking at a medium-strength workstation weighing no more than 4 lbs with a solid, traditional keyboard and (at least) an i5 Skylake CPU. Take a look at this 14" Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Yoga, at $1,142:

1. It's a high-end, carbon-reinforced ThinkPad, so that should take care of "premium and high build quality". Apart from carbon, it's largely made of plastic to keep weight down.
2. It weighs 2.6 lbs which makes it about as light as it gets.
3. It's also a Yoga which means it will flip as requested. So that's "innovative" taken care of.
4. The base version comes with an i5 Skylake and Intel HD 520. The screen is a 2K IPS panel, and battery life is listed at 11 hours.

You can get more information about typing feel and screen quality from this YouTube link:

It's a bit low on RAM (8GBs) and storage (128GBs). An extra $150 will get you 256GBs of SSD storage, but you'll need to pick an i7 CPU to get access to 16GBs of RAM. However, given your stated requirements, I think this ThinkPad is as close as you'll get in this price range. Rival laptops include the HP Spectre (typically $1,400) or the Dell XPS (typically $1,400 and a stated no-go).