Laptop hard drive install

Here is video to show you how t oreplace the HDD ... however ... you are installing Win7 on the existing HDD at present.

The SSD will replace the HDD and you will need to start again.

What I suggest is finish installing the existing HDD and have it going ... then shutdown the laptop and take it out ... so you can keep it as a spare that works.

Put the new SSHD in to replace the HDD ... then install Win7 as before.

Hopefully you got the right kind of SSD for it ... I could not tell.


Jul 24, 2016
There was no existing HDD. It was empty, gonzo, nada, null and void, non existent. It's up and running with the new SSHD as described, but this new drive seems to be too small as it there is space under it and it hangs down (or up, depending on your point of view) with nothing holding the unit into the slots. Putting the back cover on will not prevent it from coming loose inside.
I'm surmising it needs some kind of spacer or something?


Jul 24, 2016

Hello again. Finally getting around to finishing this....

There was no brackets or screws. Take the cover off and it was an empty void where the original drive was.

Those spacer adapters you linked above solve half the problem. While they would space the drive unit up so it sits nice and square with its plug in, this one still needs something at the back to hold it in place from working out of the plug. There is about a 1/4" gap between the end of the drive and the inside face of the drive bay.

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