Solved! problem caddy bay with toshiba laptop

Apr 17, 2022
I am using toshiba satellite pro A50-A series laptop, model PT63NN-07U02E.
I used to use a 500gb hdd, now I upgraded to a 240gb ssd and wanted to use the hdd to store data, so i used a bay caddy attached to the optical drive, the problem now appears is the error "insert system disk in drive..." and also looked it up online, but it seems that the problem lies in the bios not supporting parallel running 2 different drives at the same time, right? because if i use 1 more ssd instead of hdd in caddybay it's completely normal, if i use hdd drive, i have to first go to bios to change boot to AHCI, save to exit to reboot then re-enter bios to adjust to AHCI Only UEFI can enter win again. (T.T)
what should i do? please help me