Laptop has both Realtek and Soundblaster?


Nov 12, 2015
I have an MSI GS60 Ghost Pro 053-US, and it came with both Realtek HD Audio Manager and Sound Blaster Cinema 2 pre-installed. Don't I only need one of these? If so, which one is better?

Realtek seems to be the default, and it has kind of been a pain in the ass to work with. I have a Logitech G430 headset and the mic just doesn't work with Realtek installed. I plug in the mic jack, it shows up as "Audio in at rear panel - black" in Realtek, but no amount of fiddling with the settings will make the mic work. The headphones seem to work fine.

I once tried uninstalling Realtek and replacing it with generic drivers, which did in fact allow the mic to finally work. However, the audio coming through my headphones was now of much worse quality, so I reinstalled Realtek.

I've heard that this may be an issue caused by Realtek not playing nice with MSI motherboards. I tried using my headset with my old ASUS laptop (which also had Realtek) and both the headphones and mic functioned perfectly.