Laptop Internal hard disk drive not found Issue

Sep 5, 2018
Dell Vostro 2520 64-bit laptop shows the following error.

Internal hard disk drive not found

To resolve this issue, try reseat the drive

No bootable devices -- strike F1 to retry boot, F2 enter setup menu, F5 enter PSA

I ran the F5 Dell internal diagnostic tool. It shows all the rest of the peripherals working correctly except no hard drive status.

The last thing I did with the laptop was to install Virtual Box and install Windows 7 32-bit OS in the virtual guest machine. The next day I got the hard disk not found error. So tried to repair any possible corrupt OS to boot from USB drive but on reboot I get a similar "No bootable devices" error.

The legacy option is enabled and secure boot is disabled in the BIOS.

What could be the possible cause and fix for the problem.


Apr 20, 2018
Can you get into the bios and does it see the hard drive? If not it sounds like the hard drive has failed. VB does warn you not to install virtual machines on the boot drive as it can overwrite the boot sector.
Sep 5, 2018
Tried to boot from USB drive to repair windows. For the first time the System Recovery Option window showed up but could not select c:/ drive to complete. The next option is to run commands from command prompt but when powered on the laptop that same 'The windows manager. The windows boot configuration data file does not contain a valid entry' screen is shown instead of booting from usb drive to show System Recovery Options. Tried all short F8, Shift + F10, nothing happened. Somewhere it is missing.
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