Laptop keyboard does not respond AFTER logging in


Jul 15, 2016
Hi everyone, suddenly my laptop is not responding to keyboard input after logging in. At the login prompt after a restart, I can type in the password without issues. Once I enter the password and log in, from that moment onwards, I am not able to enter anything via the keyboard. The USB mouse and the mouse touchpad on the laptop are working at all times. I tried with an external keyboard connected via USB, even then I was not able to get anything to show up when typing on notepad or any program.
I checked the device manager and it has three entries all showing up as HID Keyboard Device. In properties section, two of them say Location: on Radio Controller and the other says Location: on USB Input Device. All say `This Device is working properly.` Not sure, what is going on.
This is an ACER laptop on Windows 8.1
Please help!!! Thank you!
Try disabling the two which refer to Radio Controller leaving only the USB version. It clearly works well until Windows cuts in and spoils the party and those radio controlled ones only cut in with WIndows.