Laptop keyboard stopped working in Windows but works in BIOS, usb keyboard works


Nov 13, 2014
forced to post from phone sorry for the weird formatting

other solutions to similar problem on this forum did not work


model: dell inspiron 1121 (11z), windows 7 sp1, updated bios

last week keyboard out of nowhere just started lagging behind HARD while typing, sometimes by as much as 30 seconds.

sometimes it would not respond at all and take a few minutes to come back to life.
last night keyboard stopped working completely. No response at all at any time.

- reinstalled Windows 7 just now and keyboard still does not work at all.

- while in BIOS I could navigate the menus with the keyboard with ease, it was not lagging and the keyboard seemed to be working just fine.

- boot back into fresh install of Windows and keyboard does not work.

- made a usb bootable ubuntu, keyboard did not work in ubuntu either.

- disconnected keyboard from the motherboard and reconnected with no luck.

- function keys, arrow keys, escape and enter work in bios...not working in windows.

- removed hard drive from computer, booted linux off usb keyboard still doesn't work

- removed battery and use just on ac power adapter with no luck

- uninstalled keyboard driver and let windows reinstall with no luck

- removed usb peripherals as well

- external usb keyboard DOES work

any and all help is appreciated


Jan 16, 2015
For the usb keyboard that does not work when it enters windows, just update it in the drivers menu at it will work fine. Thanks
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