Laptop LAN Port Lights


Sep 3, 2016
My Lenovo T460S (Windows 10) is working perfectly. Only one problem (which I don't know whether is a problem or not) is that when I close the lid and the laptop goes to sleep, the LAN port lights are ON constantly. They are neither blinking nor OFF, they are constantly ON. When the lid is open and I am working via the wireless connection (LAN port not plugged in) the LAN port lights are off. They turn on only when I close the lid. So its strange to me why the LAN port lights are on during the sleep mode. Is it some setting in windows 10 or some BIOS configuration which is causing that?

Thanks in advance
Well you can check your BIOS to see if there is a "Wake on LAN" or similar option. This 'may' be the cause.

You can also check in "Control Panel and then "Power Options". Then click on the "Change Plan Settings" next to the plan you are actively using. On the next screen click on "Change Advanced Power Settings".

In the new window that pops up look for LAN and see if it is set to always be powered on.


Sep 3, 2016
Thanks Bundles 'webworkings'

This solved my problem. Wake on Lan was enabled in the BIOS and when I disabled it, the lights on my LAN port are no longer staying in ON state.
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