Laptop (Lenovo, 940m) sleeps after playing a game for 2 minutes ONLY when plugged in.


Sep 14, 2016
I have a Lenovo Yoga 460 with a core i5 6200U processor and Nvidia 940m.

When my laptop is plugged in and charging (or full battery), and the GPU is throttling (Playing a game (Rocket League, TERA and Age of Empires 2 HD do this)), it will sleep (or hibernate?) after a few minutes (generally 1 - 2). I have checked the sleep settings and made sure they are not the problem.

I've checked the temperatures and tried throttling the CPU and GPU separately (using prime95 and FurMark), checking the temperatures through MSI afterburner and CPUID HWMonitor. This is what I found.

When on battery
- Playing RL while flicking back
- - Temperatures would go up to around 60 degrees Celsius on both the CPU and GPU, with the GPU running at 100% and CPU around 50%. If on a surface (like my bed), the temperatures would get up to around 72 degrees. The laptop would not go to sleep though (no matter how long I play).

- Running both the prime95 and FurMark separately yielded much the same results. Same temperatures. No falling asleep.

When plugged in (to the charger supplied with the laptop)
- Playing RL
- - No matter the temperature (even at 58 degrees), the laptop would sleep after an average of 100 seconds (1min and 40 seconds) of game play.

- Running prime95 (CPU stress)
- - The laptop did NOT sleep, even when the temperatures rose quite high (70 degrees)

- Running FurMark (GPU stress)
- - The laptop went to sleep after the same 100 seconds after starting. Temperatures could be 58 degrees (holding the laptop) and would perform the same (and fall asleep) when higher.

This leads me to believe that the problem is something to do with the GPU throttling (or stressing) while the battery is plugged in. Does anyone know how I can find a solution to this problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated :) Thank you!