Laptop not booting, even installation fails


Dec 26, 2015
I am recently facing problem with my laptop. Machine is getting stuck while booting.
Tried re-installation of win 8, but gets stuck in the middle of installation.
Even tried clean installation after formatting HDD, but no help :-(
Machine gets stuck even during automatic repair, recovery.
Not able to access command prompt available in repair mode, as system gets stuck in middle.
Removed the HDD from samsung laptop and placed in lenovo laptop, HDD working fine.
Placed HDD from lenovo into samsung laptop. Same issue, gets stuck during boot (Windows 8 logo screen)
Laptop Details
Name: Samsung
Model: RV509-A0CIN
Processor: Intel i3 (core)
O.S : Windows 8

What can be the issue?? I need help... pushing hard :bounce:with lots of effort but no results:??:

Last thing what in came my mind was to update bios through USB, but i was not able to find the bios file( .bin file ).... at last posting in forum...

Need your help .. really really indeed help:ange:



Dec 26, 2015
i followed the steps as per instructed by you ... But still stuck . Could it be a issue of static electricity build up??... Am out of solutions..


Dec 26, 2015
@ffg7 after a battle with the issue... found out that when my laptop is plugged in (AC) it OS boot freezes.. when on battery boots fine and works normal.. but when reconnect to charge.. again freezes..( mouse keyboard )
With a bit of research on internet.. solution given is to disable the core processor .. will resolve the issue .. (dint try)...
Would like to know what would be the reason.. what part i need to replace..
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