Laptop not charging


Oct 22, 2017
Ive hp probook 4530s and its original battery died long time ago, now I decided to get a new one.
However, something's not right. The new battery is not chargning.

The battery itself works, cause it came charged and I can power the computer without the AC plugged. It works the other way around too, I can power the laptop with only AC plugged and battery out.

I've did some research and turns out my charger isnt right for my laptop. It should be 65W (I have 90W one) and the output should be 18.5V and my charger outputs 19V.

Could that be the case that its not charging? But I mean it works running off just the AC?
It is possible the charger is the issue, or, it is possible the battery is. New or not.

If you got an aftermarket and not OEM battery, that could easily be the issue.