Laptop Overheating and lags in game Please advise.


Oct 5, 2014
I have a 4 year old laptop which i have been playing games on. Mostly Cs Global Offensive and Dota2. Its have been going pretty well till this few month its having spikes and lag so heavy that it is almost impossible to play the game. The tempreature to the laptop is idling around 60 and goes up to 90+ when going into games. I have change the thermal paste and also cleaned out the cooler fan. Is there anything else i could do to salvage this laptop. Only games i'm having problem other than that its performing well.

Samsung RF411

Intel Core i7-2630M
12GB DDR3 Ram
2GB Nvdia GeForce GT 525M
Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit OS


Sep 1, 2014
Take this with a grain of salt as I am unfamiliar with the games you play and your laptop, but from what I've found on other forums if it's just your gpu that is nearly overheating then try turning tripple buffering on in the game's settings (I don't know how on those games but a google search should) so the cpu takes some load off the gpu. If it's both cpu and gpu that are hot then it is possible the fan isn't working right, and since you already cleaned it the fan or the fan controller may be bad. I had the fan controller on my first laptop die while I was playing oblivion and I didn't notice, so within 10 minutes my laptop overheated so much several solder points on the gpu meted. You may want to check that your fan is both turning on and increasing speed as temps rise. Hopefully it isn't so serious but at least you can eliminate it as a possibility.