Question Please help: Laptop suddenly will not run games well and fans go crazy

Aug 29, 2021
Im having issues with my gaming laptop. When i first got it it was running perfectly fine but after a year and a half (it is now no longer under warenty) i decided to factory rested it and reinstall windows to clear the data and games i had in the laptop and basicaly reset to to where it was when i bought it. reinstalled all of the things i needed as well as the few games i play and noticed that my laptop was heating(as expected) btu then the fans would start going crazy after 5minutes into the game for no reason. This cause the frames to drop dramatically and i have no clue why or how to fix it. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. I will also answer any questions people might have in order to know how to fix this. Im not much of a tech guru i just like gaming and i dont want to try something and mess it up even more. I dont know if the factory reset has anything to do with its preformance but it seems to have really slowed down its gaming. I cant even play valorant at this point ....