Laptop Overheating even after reapplying thermal paste


Aug 6, 2012
Hello, everyone. I have an HP G42 Laptop and it's running really hot. Idle temps are at the 60's. When doing something like extracting files with Winrar or winzip, it could reach up to 90. When it reaches 100 degrees C, it would shutdown. So I figured that it could be dried up thermal paste. So I opened my laptop, changed the thermal paste with cheap one at first, turned it back on, but still had the same temperatures. Second attempt, now using Arctic Cooling MX 4, same results. I am not quite sure what the problem is. It seems like the fan is ok (cleaned this also, by the way). I can feel hot air coming out from it.

Any ideas?


Only thing i can really suggest is go to power options in the bottom right, then go to change plan settings, and then change advance power setting.

Go down to Processor Power Management, and for Min and Max Processor settings set the highest the CPU to go up to is 80%. Try that and see if you're still overheating.

All in all, sounds like bad HP thermal design.