Question Laptop plays sound through headphones but does not detect them

Jun 17, 2020
I have an Acer Aspire 5. Recently, I noticed that my computer has been using my laptop mic over my earbuds (Apple Earpods) . I checked my Devices and my headphones don't even show up. The sound plays through the headphones, but I cannot use my mic. The headphones and microphone are not detected. The laptop only has 1 Audio Port. I tried another pair of headphones and they did the same thing. This started a week ago after having the laptop for around 1 year. Whenever I connect the earbuds, the laptop asks what kind of device was plugged in (Headset, Line In, Mic In, Earbuds, etc.) and every option results in the same thing, they refuse to be detected by the laptop. What should I do?

Sonic Illusions

Feb 16, 2019
Have you updated the audio driver? If so, you may need to do a fresh install of the audio driver. This can be done through the Device Manager. After uninstallation, reinstall the latest driver. You may also want to clean the headphone jack with electrical contact cleaner spray.
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