Laptop screen not working with vertical lines


Nov 11, 2015
It was perfectly fine yesterday but when I turned it back on, the screen goes white. And the weird is that whenever I move my mouse, there's a movement on the screen too. Besides the white screen, various colored vertical lines is all over and I just want it fixed. For now, the only technique I tried would be getting the battery out and pressing the power button for 30-60 seconds. Can this be fixed without payment? It's my only laptop and I need it like really need it since I'm a college student. Please help me :((


You can try reseating the cable to the display, that may help. It does sound a bit like a failed video card or motherboard, possibly RAM.

You can try a different stick of RAM in the system (if you have two installed you can try one at a time in the first slot), if that does not help, check the screen connections. If that does not help, the screen may be bad. Connecting an external monitor to the laptop can help you rule out some issues. If it works with no problems on the external monitor, chances are good that it's an issue with the screen and not the video card.
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