Laptop Screen or Cable or something else?


Oct 13, 2012
Couldn't find a category for Laptop Screens, so I put it in this one.

I'll make this as short as I can. Laptop is a HP G71.
LED Screen (not lcd), No inverter.
Everything is fine in External monitor throughout this whole process:

Here's what's happened.
Laptop was dropped, afterwards LED Screen has a thick white line(s) as in picture1.
So ordered new screen.

Replaced with new screen, it seemed to have gotten worse, looks distorted and split in one area, as in picture3.

Supposedly brand new screen, so we thought it must be also a bad cable,
So we ordered Brand New OEM cable from HP.

Cable came in today, replaced, nothing changed, still distorted as in picture 4

Removed and reseated all cable connections several time to see if it was just not fully connected, (both with new and old cable) nothing changed. Everything is exactly the same either with new or old cable so I'm guessing I didn't need to buy it, the old one is good.

So I am just baffled, It can't be the graphics card because it looks perfect with an external monitor right?

I tried all the possible configurations of parts to see what they looked like.
Here are the pictures
1. OLD screen w/ OLD cable
2. OLD screen w/ NEW cable
3. NEW screen w/ OLD cable
4. NEW screen w/ NEW cable

1&2 look the same, 3&4 look the same so cable made no difference.

My next step is to send the screen back and ask for another, but I'm not as experienced as I'd like to be with LED Screens so I'm hoping someone has seen this and knows what this could be or tell me to try something I haven't yet tried before I send the screen back on Monday. Thank you.


Jan 5, 2012
[strike]laptop video out is shot - if you slowly move the cable at the end where it's connected to the laptop, can you get the screen image to do funny things, or does it always just stay messed up?[/strike]


It looked to me like a desktop monitor when I looked at the pics, I didn't realize it was the laptop screen you were having issues with
Hi :)

I own a laptop repair company.....

Its the screen....

Several reasons...

1, Its NEVER the cable, everyone hopes it is but it NEVER is...

2, You bought a generic screen as a guess..... you MUST buy the GENUINE screen , which means you take the numbers off the white sticker on the back of your OLD screen and order that one...and when the new screen arrives you double check the sticker numbers are correct...

3, Those bands of bad colour show me its the screen and the second screen bands are horizontal which is also the screen.... was it second hand ? and how much did you pay as LCD screens are ALWAYS expensive...

All the best Brett :)


Oct 13, 2012

You are correct. It was listed as new, but you never know with ebay if it's second hand, looked in good shape. They have over 100,000 feedback with 99.5% and had the exact part# in the title. What they sent me did not have the exact # but close. Wasn't happy about that, but connections etc fit. Had that happen in the past and they have worked so far but I might have just gotten lucky.

Here's the item.


Do you happen to know as far as part #if the (H01) matters or can it be any LTN173KT01, that would broaden my search if it doesn't, i could get a A01, etc. Not sure what the H01 refers to, if it is a revision number or later version of the same thing of the LTN173KT01. Or something specific that I need to make sure always matches. If that makes sense.

I am waiting for them to give me a RMA# so I can return it. I seem to have started replacing screens on a regular basis now, and would rather not go to ebay only for them to send me a similar part#. If I buy used they send the right one but I was trying to get new.
Do you have any suggestions on a trusted place where to get screens from in the future without paying too much from direct HP, Toshiba, DELL etc.

Thank you