Question Laptop screen upgrade.

Aug 5, 2020
Hi, I have an Asus G14 laptop.

So assuming I find a screen that fits, and has the same pin/connector configuration, will it just plug and play with full functionality? Or will there be potential driver issues? I already know finding a screen that will fit with the same pins will be hard enough...

My laptop currently has a 1080p 120hz screen. And I would prefer a 2k 120hz screen. The only options available for the G14 when I bought were a more expensive 4k 60hz (with a slower gpu) or the fast gpu 1080 120hz screen.

I may go with the 4k 60hz screen just because I don't competitively game anyway, and I'd just scale the game to 1080 to keep the GPU performance strong. But my 2060 max q with a 2k 120hz should be able to handle the games I play.