Laptop screen wont turn on, but works when connected to an external monitor


Jul 3, 2012
So my laptop turns on and boot normally but screen stays totally black! im using the laptop right know but i have to view on an external monitor. What could be the cause? Thanks


Sep 15, 2011
Try the function key and monitor key look for the monitor key is f1 on mine so press FN key and then f1 at the same time...and see what happens...


Mar 8, 2011
Hi kurt1994,
If your notebook is working on the external monitor then it could be the screen or a connection. Have you contacted HP regarding this issue? If you need assistance in doing so please email me your product and contact information to Please inlcude Attn: Veronica-Tom in the subject line.


Jun 21, 2012
Have you tried pressing the FN + F4 that may be able to toggle from screen selection.

So when you turn on your laptop with the external monitor removed you just have a black screen. Try pressing the fn and f4 simultaneously a couple of times.

Your lcd screen should flash on.
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