Laptop shuts off when connected to AC adapter


May 28, 2017
Hello, I have a Clevo laptop model P750DM2-G which is about two months old from Cyberpower. A little back story on how I use the laptop: I usually leave the adapter plugged in because the battery life is actually pretty poor, getting only about one and a half hours of usage at a time. Today, I went to help my dad with a project of his and about five hours later, I find my laptop has a black screen, which I would expect, but the laptop wasn't responding to anything I was doing. I held the power button to restart the system, but I ended up getting a screen telling me to select or insert a backup disc. After I got to the F8 (or F10) screen, I was able to restart my system. I found out that plugging in my ac adapter made my laptop shut off and struggle to restart. I've also started to hear a high pitched whirring sound that seems to come from the HDD.

I know this was quite the wall of text, but any help would be appreciated.
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